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Term Definition
The upper of two bracts enclosing a grass flower.
When pertaining to leaflets - attached to a single point on a stalk.
one of a pair of segmented fingerlike processes. Each maxilla (a mouth part) has one of these.
A loose flower cluster, with each flower on its individual flower stalk.
Plural of panicle - a flower cluster with each flower having its own stalk.
In insects, an organism that feeds on another organism (host) while contributing nothing to the survival of the host.
In insects, an organism that spends a portion of its life attached to or in a single host organism which it ultimately kills (and often consumes).
partial veil
A layer of tissue that covers the gills or pores of the mushroom fruiting body during the initial stage of development; often forms an annulus after rupturing.
patagial mark
The patagial mark is a dark bar at the leading edge of the inner underwing.
The stalk of a single flower.
In spiders, a pair of appendages found in front of the first pair of legs; used in reproduction.
The stalk of a flower.
Completing its life cycle in 3 or more years.
When pertaining to a leaf - completely surrounding the stem.
Plural of perigynium - a sack-like structure enclosing the ovary in sedges
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