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In frogs and toads, the round hearing organ on the sides of their heads.
A flower cluster with flower stalks radiating from a single point.
Plural of umbel.
In snails, the depression or hole at the center of the shell's whorls.
undertail coverts
The undertail coverts are the feathers just before the tail feathers on the under side of the bird.
universal veil
A layer of tissue that covers the entire mushroom during the initial stages of development.
uppertail coverts
The uppertail coverts are the feathers between the rump and the tail on the upperside of the bird.
Referring to the underside of an insect or the underside of the wing of an insect.
The cup-like remains of universal veil tissue around the base of the mushroom stalk.
The wattle is a fleshy growth hanging from the neck or head.
When pertaining to leaves - three or more leaves from the same node on a stem.
winter annual
The seeds sprout during the summer, over-winter underground and complete their life cycle the next growing season.
Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Wetlands Learning Cemter
When pertaining to plants, persisting through winter; i.e. not dying back like herbs.
woody vine
A vine with a woody stem which persists through winter - compare to herbaceous.
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