Isogona tenuis



The Thin-lined Owlet has a wingspan of approximately 1.25 inches.  The forewing is dove gray becoming darker toward the costa.  The veins and various branching lines and the reniform spot in the shape of a “B” are outlined with dull white.  There are 2 prominent dark brown spots in each wing.  The hindwing is dark grayish with a whitish median line.  The caterpillar is gray with white speckles.  It is long and twig-like.


The frequency of occurrence is not known.  The individual shown here was photographed at Fontenelle Forest Nature Center in late July.  The adults fly from May to August.


The larval food plant is Hackberry leaves.  The late instar caterpillars rest during the day under bark or in grass shelters at the base of the food plant and resume feeding on foliage at dusk.  There are 2 generations in the north.  There are 8 species in the genus Isogona in North America.

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Thin-lined Owlet

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