Lycogala epidendrum


This slime is round or spherical in shape. It is less than 1 inch wide and pinkish in color. The surface is rough and it is covered with small bumps (Photos A and B). It contains a pink slimy paste-like substance which is secreted if the outer wall is broken before maturity. The color is very variable ranging from pinkish-gray to yellowish-brown or greenish-black, with mature individuals tending towards the darker end (C,D). They may be either round or somewhat compressed with a rough texture or bumps on the surface. There is no stalk visible on its underside. as the balls are attached directly to wood.

This slime is seen from June to November. It grows on large pieces of dead wood, like fallen trees but is uncommon in Fontenelle Forest.

It turns brown/grey before long and disappears as quickly as it appears.

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Wolfs milk slime (close up)

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