Asclera ruficollis


This beetle is about 3/8 inch long. It is black with a orange-red thorax. Members of this family are usually slender, soft-bodied beetles of medium size found mostly on flowers and foliage. They lack a neck.The elytra are usually finely ridged. The pronotum is rounded and widest at the front and is narrower than the elytra. The antenna are thread like. True blister beetles have a broad head that is wider than the pronotum and a narrow neck.

Adults often found on spring flowers or foliage. Larvae develop in the soil. The occurrence in Fontenelle Forest is not known.

Like true Blister Beetles, these beetles have toxic chemical defenses, and one should be very careful in handling them. They are also known as pollen feeding beetles. Mating takes place on flowers.

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Red-necked false blister beetle

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