Amblyomma americanum


This tick is less than 1/4 inch long as an adult - the nymphs are much smaller and reddish, but they also attach and suck blood from large mammals and man. The female has a light spot on a dark brown "shield" (A,D). The male has a pattern of small white spots around the back edge of its "shield" (B). As shown, these (and other) ticks often lay in wait with "open arms" near the tips of tall grass overhanging the trails.

These ticks are common in Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods, There seem to be several generations maturing during each season, as is reflected in their variable abundance. Heavy spring and summer rains seem to hold down their numbers.

Hikers are encouraged to wear light clothing, especially when not strictly staying on the trails, or when the grass overhangs the trails. They should periodically check their clothing, so that ticks can be seen crawling instead of finding them attached at home.

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