Storeria dekayi


This snake grows up to 15 inches long with large eyes and round pupils. It has a grayish-brown color with darker brown blotches on the top of its head, as well as its body, decreasing in size towards its tail (C). There are several recognized subspecies of this snake, some of have been identified in Nebraska. The specimen in these photographs may have been a Texas Brown Snake (Storeria dekayi texana).

This snake is not seen frequently because it spends most of its time underground. The first specimen (A,B,C) was photographed in early April on Cottonwood Trail in Fontenelle Forest, near the parking lot. The second specimen (D,E) was photographed near the Great Marsh in early May. They live up to 7 years, hibernating in winter, often in crowded dens along with other snake species. In March or April the males emerge from hibernation to follow female pheromone trails, which they sense with their forked tongues, which seem to be black-tipped and red further up (B,D,E).

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