Anaxyrus americanus


This 2-4 inch toad has numerous varied-colored warts on its back and is whitish with black spots below. They have black and golden eyes with horizontal pupils. The groupings of warts on its back and the shape and location of the glands behind the eyes help to differentiate the American Toad from the closely related Woodhouse's Toad (Anaxyrus woodhousii). The specimen shown in images D,E was identified in 2008 from these images as a American Toad by Dennis Ferraro, Herpetologist at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. The toad in images H,I was identified with the help of Dan Fogell.

Apparently rare in Fontenelle Forest - I've only seen a couple - on the floodplain boardwalk, and on the boardwalk at the entrance to Handsome Hollow.

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