Lithobates pipiens


This frog is from 2 to 4 inches long when mature, can live up to 9 years, but mortality at all stages of its metamorphosis is very high. Adults have brown spots with lighter borders on a green to brown upper body (A,D). White folds run through the eyes the length of the body, and another whitish line runs from the nose to the shoulder. Young froglets have the same white lines but darker upper body color (B,C).

Froglets appear along the shore of the Great Marsh and along Stream Trail in Fontenelle Forest by July. Abundance varies from year to year. In 2008 there was a wet spring resulting in higher than normal abundance for this and other amphibious species. Image (A), of an adult, was taken on the floodplain at Neale Woods in April. They are not as likely to be seen later in the season, when they wander further away from water in search of food. But Images (C and D) were taken near a small creek up in Mormon Hollow (in Fontenelle Forest) in late October.

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