Trogus pennator



This is a robust, colorful Ichneumon wasp approximately one inch in length. The thorax, head, abdomen and legs are bright orange.  The abdomen (photo C) is cylindrical with equal lateral ridges.  The antennae are light brown.  The wings are black with a bluish tint.  This Ichneumon wasp was identified by a volunteer expert from the BugGuide website.


This wasp is probably common in this area.  This wasp was first photographed in Fontenelle Forest on 8/28/08, again in late April 2012 and September 2016.  


Trogus sp. wasps are parasitoids of butterfly larvae, especially Black Swallowtails and Tiger Swallowtails in our area, and have been observed emerging from the pupae of these butterflies (click here for more information). There are 6 species in the Trogus genus in North America.

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Trogus pennator

Trogus pennator

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