Eumenes fraternus



This is a Potter Wasp in the sub-family Eumeninae.  This is a small, delicate wasp, approximately 3/4 inch in length.  It is shiny black with ivory markings on the face, thorax and abdomen.  The first  abdominal segment  is petiolate or stalklike.  This is a typical characteristic of potter wasps.  The wings are either bluish or a brown color, depending on the light.

This is a common wasp In Fontenelle Forest.  Adults can be found  nectaring on flowers from mid summer into fall.


This solitary wasp builds a perfect little jug from mud and water as its nest chamber for each wasp larva (click here to see a nest being built).  The nests are usually attached to a plant stem, but can also be found on structures such as window shutters.  The female attaches an egg to the wall of the nest.  Each pot is then provisioned with at least 1 and up to 12 small, paralyzed caterpillars as a food source for the developing wasp larva.  The opening is sealed with a mud pellet.  The emerging adult wasp chews its way out of the thin side of the pot.  

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Eumenes fraternus

Eumenes fraternus

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