Pseudacris maculata



This small but loud frog reaches only 1 1/2 inches in length (A-E). It has two dark stripes running through and back from its eyes, and a central dark stripe from between the eyes. The underside is cream-colored. Image "B" shows a newly laid egg cluster at the upper right.

A very similar chorus frog, Pseudacris triseriata (Midland Chorus Frog), may have been photographed in Mormon Hollow (Fontenelle Forest) in late October 2011 (F). According to experts at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, these two species can't be separated in the field by visual markings. 

This frog is common in temporary or shallow woodland waters at Fontenelle Forest and presumably at Neale Woods as well. Its loud vocalization can be heard from far away in early spring, in a chorus sounding like combs being "played" with finger nails. But all frogs in an area stop "chirping" when just one of them senses danger. They vocalize while hidden in vegetation and are thus difficult to spot, even when "singing" very close by. 

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